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Proven Winners


Proven Winners: A better garden starts with a better plant

PROVEN WINNERS works with plant breeders around the globe to bring you the most cutting edge and innovative plants for your garden. provenwinners.com

Proven Winners

Why are Proven Winners Plants Better?

Once a PROVEN WINNERS plant makes it to your house, you'll fall in love because Proven Winners plants are:

Grow super fruits in your own backyard

Though they sound exotic and are most often found with a high price tag in health food stores, these berries are actually easy to grow, hardy plants. These exceptional strains were specially selected for you and have been grown for centuries for its purported healthgiving properties and brilliant fruit color.

Goji Berry

Part Sun to Sun - Blooms On: New Wood - Hardiness Zones: 5a

Sweet Lifeberry™ Goji Berry Lycium barbarum

Big Lifeberry® Goji Berry Lycium barbarum