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No time for displays? This might change your mind.

Merchandising a product has a proven record of accomplishment bringing at least 20% more sales and 20% higher margins than traditional varieties and displays. These facts come from numerous studies and surveys that have been consistent in their results.

These are some examples of merchandising that may spark ideas for you. Please send us your ideas and examples of your displays that were a success. We would like to share with these ideas with others in our Willoway Nurseries, Inc. newsletter. Send photos to: Marketing@willowaynurseires.com

End caps
Spill your end caps over onto the ground to keep the eye moving throughout the display.
Nook & Cranies display
Add additional visual elements to end caps
to pull interest to your display benches.
Plants that Work for Color
Add elements of home to help your customers visualize the effects they can create.
Neat and geometric, these displays can form
clean lines throughout your display areas.
Program tags
Informative program picture tags held high on stakes keep tags clean as well as adding visual interest to the display.
Blast of color
Bring a blast of color to your high traffic areas.
Ray Evison
Cluster program plants with informative display signs to help educate customers as well as encouraging purchase of multiple items from "the set".
Mass displays
Massive displays combine large plants, small plants, and hanging baskets to maximize the display area and create a lush environment for the consumer.
Composite display
Composite display themes add visual appeal and can change up the look of your display area by swapping plants and signs. You can "remodel" frequently to encourage repeat visits!
POP signage
See your sales specialist for information about these exciting display options for your store!