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Intern Activities

As an intern at Willoway Nurseries, Inc., you will have the opportunity to participate in different events related to the horticulture industry outside of the workplace. The education sessions and trade shows listed below were some of the activities our past interns haveparticipated in and other possible learning experiences available.

OFA- An Association of Floriculture Professionals. Columbus, Ohio http://www.ofa.org

Annual Perennial Plant Symposium. Columbus, Ohio http://www.perennialplant.org/symposium.asp

Lake County Field Day - location TBD http://www.nglco.com/fieldday.htm

Ohio CLT Training Volunteer- held at OSU ATI

Horticulture for Landscape Architects- workshops presented by Willoway and ASLA.

Grower Talks Greenhouse Experience http://www.ballpublishing.com/conferences/greenhouse/

Monthly Lake County IPM Meetings


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