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Credit Memo Policy

The following is Willoway's Credit Policy for credit requests related to plant shipments. Following the procedures below will expedite the claim and minimize additional follow-up with your staff.

Claims for credit must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery. For plants that are shipped dormant, the claim must be submitted by May 1st.

Credit Requests:
Claims must be made in writing within the above timeline. The claim should be presented on Willoway's Bill of Lading (or Packing Slip) or on your company's return document. The document must include Willoway's item number and/or plant name with size and quantity along with the reason for the claim (shortage, damage, quality, etc.). Forward the request to Willoway Claims@wwninc.com or by fax (440) 934-6076 Attention Claims.

Depending on the nature and amount of the claim, a sales representative may visit your location to determine the best course of action regarding the plants. Photographs will be required for claims that exceed $250.

Plant Returns:
For local deliveries, follow the above credit request process and notify Willoway on the delivery day that you are returning plants. If the truck is not returning to Willoway, call 866 934-4435 x2235.

Credits will be delayed for plants returned without proper notification as we must research what customer is to receive a credit. Please notify the sales department 866 934-4435 x2235 before the truck leaves your location if you are returning plants from a prior shipment or in excess of 20 plants. A restocking fee of up to 25% may be assessed depending on the nature of the return.

Payment Deductions:
Any deduction on remittances must be accompanied by an explanation for the deduction. All non-documented deductions will be treated as short payments and will be left on your account as amounts due.

Credit Issuance Timeline:
All credit requests will be reviewed and processed within 30 days after all documentation has been received.