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Aerican Beauties


The Bushel and Berry Collection

Bushel and Berry™ is a collection of compact, self-pollinating, ornamental berry plants for the home gardener! Bushel and Berry™ plants are a cinch to grow and will dazzle the eyes as well as the taste buds. These varieties are like nothing seen before. With exquisite ornamental qualities and amazing fruit, these are berry plants that belong front and center in decorative patio containers and in the landscape. We will continue to introduce new varieties in the coming years. Make sure your garden center is ready for the berry revolution!

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Raspberry Shortcake™ 'NR7'
Brazel Berries Strawberry Shortcake

The World's First Thornless, Dwarf Raspberry!

Raspberry Shortcake is ideally suited for large patio containers, requires no staking, no companion pollinator, and has sturdy upright canes – without a single thorn. As if that weren't enough, it rewards with super sweet raspberries mid-summer.

Zones: 5-9
Fruit Season: Mid-Summer
Berry Size: Medium
Flavor: Sweet / Vanilla Essence
Shrub Habit: 2'–3' Dense Compact Mound

Peach Sorbet™ 'ZF06-043'
Razzleberry Peach Sorbet

A Four Season, Compact Blueberry Beauty

Peach Sorbet is a four season show stopper with stunning new spring growth ranging from peach to pink. Spring's white bell-shaped flowers will give way to an abundant summer crop of peach-sweet blueberries and early winter foliage is a dramatic eggplant purple.

Zones: 5-10
Fruit Season: Mid Summer
Berry Size: Medium
Flavor: Sweet / Tropical Essence
Shrub Habit: 11/2'–2' Compact Mound

Jelly Bean™ 'ZF06-179'
Brazelberry Jelly Bean

A Super Dwarf, Hardy Blueberry

Jelly Bean is a charming little puffball of a blueberry that produces a bumper crop of large flavorful blueberries mid-summer. Jelly Bean is perfect for patio pots or a small stature hedge.

Zones: 4-8
Fruit Season: Mid-Summer
Berry Size: Medium to Large
Flavor: Sweet / Like Homemade Jelly
Shrub Habit: 1'–2' Compact, Spherical Mound

Blueberry Glaze™ 'ZF08-095'
Brazelberry Jelly Bean

A Boxwood-Like Blueberry

Blueberry Glaze is reminiscent of boxwood with its compact stature and glossy, emerald leaves. Summer's small, almost black berries are aromatic with an intense flavor much like wild blueberries.

Zones: 5-8
Fruit Season: Mid-Summer
Berry Size: Small
Flavor: Wild / Aromatic
Shrub Habit: 2'–3' Compact Bushy Mound

Pink Icing™ 'ZF06-079'
Brazelberry Jelly Bean

A Stunning Blueberry with Gorgeous Pink Foliage

Pink Icing provides incredible pink spring foliage and a stunning iridescent turquoise blue in winter. Sweet blueberries appear mid-summer making this variety a perfect addition to a patio, landscape or garden!

Zones: 5-10
Fruit Season: Mid-Summer
Berry Size: Large
Flavor: Sweet / Robust Flavor
Shrub Habit: 3'–4' Mounded, Slightly Spreading

Learn more at www.bushelandberry.com!